Relationship Counselling

Good relationships are vital to a balanced psyche.

Feeling accepted, respected or supported, trusted, admired or being admired, loving or being loved contribute to the well-being of individual.

However, it is easy for people to form relationships but much harder to maintain them. Difficulties always appear in relationships whether they are intimate, familial, friendly or professional.

For individuals with borderline, narcissistic or dependent personalities, it is challenging to develop, sustain and feel content in relationships. This uncomfortable feeling prevents them from a harmonious exchange with another. It is like there is a barrier preventing them from being happy in their relationship.

They fear closeness or when they are linked they feel suffocated in the relationship making them demand freedom and independence. The inability to commit for some individuals and, conversely for others, to crave excessive attention and cling anxiously to their partner.

A timid person or one presenting a high level of anxiety can be worried about relationships and avoid commitment. An anxious person fears intimacy. Social phobias compel them to run away. Their inability to manage emotions like anger or frustration make them incapable of maintaining a balanced relationship.

A good relationship is not without conflict and the most successful ones are those where differences can be discussed, expressed and explored without jeopardizing the bond. Inadequate management of conflicts creates distance between both sides and can potentially make future interactions vulnerable. Depressive disorders can prevent individual from engaging in a meaningful relationship.

During psychotherapy, you can learn how your psyche makes you fear relationships. It helps to identify the origin of the stressors and understand your difficulties. As your therapists, I will look for other solutions than the one where you withdraw and isolate yourselves. This will open a way out of the frustration in the relationship.

In the psychotherapeutic work with my patients, I am attentive to potential separation of the individual and their partner.  I can provide a safe base from which you, the patient, can explore your inner world and relationships.

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