Together on a Project

I understand that taking the first step in seeking counselling can be daunting. The prospect of asking for support can be stressful, leading some individuals to feel vulnerable and self-conscious. Furthermore, as a French person living in Australia for more than 25 years, I understand and embrace both cultures. I consider that views of the world, values, concepts of traditions and customs are embedded in communication and most importantly the acceptance of one another.

In my clinical practice of Body and Mind, I strongly believe in confidentiality and trust in a collaborative environment. I provide a safe and non-judgmental space for change to take place. I assist individuals with the desire to develop a better body and mind concept. I facilitate improvement and recovery for people experiencing anxiety, depression, anger management, relationship breakdowns and life transitions.

Your Wellbeing

Counselling methods will guide you to develop strategies and techniques such as mindfulness to relieve stress, assertiveness, conflict resolution and communication skills to help you in your relationships.

My therapy can also explore how the past impacts your everyday life and this understanding and insight can help you make effective and lasting change.

Using Multimodal therapy, I will assist you to reach your own resolutions and develop strategies to address and remedy your issues. Multimodal therapy is a very comprehensive and flexible form of counselling that provide effective therapeutic support for children, adolescents and adults.

For all Ages


Pre- teens


Adults and Elders (65+)

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